Kids’/Teen Programs

At Dynamic Dimensions, our goal is to promote fitness, health, and activity to members of all ages.  It is with this in mind that we’ve designed programs specifically for youth so that healthy habits will become part of their lifestyle.

All muscles in the human body benefit from regular exercise.  When muscles are used, they become stronger and allow for more activity over longer periods of time without getting worn out.  With programs that benefit young athletes, such as our speed and agility training program, increased awareness as well as performance in their athletic pursuits can be seen.  Fitness training also provides assistance for those who have mild depression and low self-esteem by giving a real sense of accomplishment and pride at achieving certain goals — like beating a time record in the 100-meter dash.

Objectives of the overall Kids’/Teen Fitness Program include:
  • Teach basic fitness training principles
  • Review basic nutrition guidelines
  • Familiarize the parent or guardian of procedures to maintain a safe workout (for the kids’ fitness program only)
  • Review other fitness and wellness guidelines
This program is taught by an exercise specialist.  Please see one of our staff members at the front desk for cost and scheduling information.

To ensure the safety of Kids’ and Teen Fitness Program participants, and the other members of our facility, parental supervision is required in the gym for participants ages 9-15.  Teens ages 14-15 have the option to workout unsupervised in the gym upon completion of the Kids’/Teen Fitness Program.  Ages 9 and up can attend group fitness classes unsupervised upon completion of the Kids’/Teen Fitness Program.  Those 16 and older do not require parental supervision.