Group Fitness

Go with the group!  Studies show that participants of group fitness workouts tend to succeed at a higher level than those who choose individual programs. The reasons?  Motivation, camaraderie, variety, and consistency, not to mention great coaching from a certified instructor.

By utilizing industry respected group fitness workouts from MOSSA, along with the assistance of our educated, motivated, and highly skilled instructors, we strive to help each member reach their fitness goals.  These professionally developed, high quality group fitness workouts are safe, efficient, effective, and guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. 

Whether it’s aquatics or yoga that peak your interest, our programs incorporate all elements of fitness to increase your cardio fitness, build your strength, and improve your balance and flexibility.  Feeling fitter, stronger, and more alive has never been more achievable and more enjoyable!

Click on any of the group fitness workouts listed to learn more about the type of training offered.